About Presto

About Presto

Presto fire Equipment Australia originates from a joint venture with Presto Sweden and Ruihua Fire in China.

This is the blend of over 50 years of Swedish fire extinguisher technology, fusing with Chinese ingenuity. The result is the Presto fire extinguisher, which has both superior performance and outstanding quality.

Presto Sweden

Started in 1959, Presto Sweden’s headquarters are in Katrineholm's, along with product and distribution centres. In Gnosjö is an additional production where hydrants are manufactured.

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Ruihua Fire

Established in 2005, China-based Ruihua Fire specialises in manufacturing high quality fire extinguishers utilising the most advanced machinery and equipment from Europe. First-class production lines produce more than 1 million extinguishers annually under strict quality control.

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