Ruihua Fire

Ruihua Fire

Ruihua Fire

Established in 2005, China-based Ruihua Fire specialises in manufacturing high quality fire extinguishers utilising the most advanced machinery and equipment from Europe. First-class production lines produce more than 1 million extinguishers annually under strict quality control.


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Ruihua has introduced the most advanced machinery and equipment from EU and uses first-class production lines. Total quality management and strict processing control keep the quality of the products high, allowing Ruihua to supply the international market. The annual production capacity of extinguishers is at the moment more than 1,200,000pcs.

R&D and after-sales service are two core values at Ruihua, with the standards for production the same as for similar companies in Europe.

Ruihua are certified by the Notify Body DNV (Det Norske Veritas) with the following:

  • ISO9001 Quality System Authentication
  • ISO14000 Environmental Management System Authentication
  • OH SAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety management authentication

All products shipped to Australia and New Zealand have AS/NZS 1850 approvals.